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Friday, February 16, 2007

Jumpers For Penguins

A lovely story about these sweet old grannies in County Durham, England knitting jumpers for the even cuter tiny fairy penguins in Tasmania to keep them warm and protect them from oil spills following a request by the Tasmania Conservation Trust. Cute x 2 !!!

Look at the model penguin the grannies have got - how cute is that ! I trawled the net to try and find a picture of one of the real penguins in a jumper like that. Although I found a few, they weren't very clear or good. Just as well I think. Jumper on the left + penguin on the right = death by cuteness ...

The full story is here :

Whale Sharks - In A Tank !?

Take a look at this stunning photo - whale sharks in an aquarium in Japan :

Not so much cute as unbelievable - the world's biggest fish (up to 12m) in a public aquarium tank in Okinawa, Japan. That tank must be enormous ! Having done some research, apparently a few other aquaria has whale sharks too - Atlanta, Osaka - but this is still the best picture I think.

Baby Pandas

Apparently there's a baby panda boom in China - 18 of the little blighters were named by a poll of the public. Conservation success, public interest and eighteen bundles of cuteness - what's not to like about this story ?